Cubietruck Kernel updated

Cubietruck picture with Tux

I’ve updated my stable kernel builds to version 4.15.12.

The kernel builds include the AP1620 WiFi-driver, which needs a binary firmware image you have to download from cubietech’s download server and put it to /lib/firmware/ap6210

The A20 processor on the Cubietruck seems not to be affected by spectre and meltdown.

New in this 4.15.12 release:

  • fixed broken USB activation
  • improved experimental NAND support
  • support for audio PLL added
  • HDMI/DRM and HDMI-CEC support added
    (make sure not to load hdmi modules when you are not using a HDMI display to decrease CPU load)

As usual you may download my kernel builds on this page:

Linux-Kernels for Cubietruck

New permalink style

Dear readers,

a lot of my post and guides are updated regularly. The link scheme based on date and post name didn’t work to well for me since all bookmarks to a specific page got lost when updating the posts date. So now I’m using only the name of the post for the permalink. So you’ll find all posts and guides with this naming scheme:


Sorry for the inconvenience and best regards,
Robert Sperling

Cubietruck: (re-)enable 1008MHz clock speed for mainline kernel 4.0

In the kernel 4.0rc5 the maximum clock frequency for all Allwinner A20 based boards was decreased to 960MHz. Certainly, the limitation is not serious, but I see no reason in it, since my Cubietruck runs perfectly stable at 1008MHz, even in warm summer. The following patch restores the maximum frequency again to 1008MHz:

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Cubietruck: Using Android system and data on SATA harddisk

Despite very decent speed my Cubietruck doesn’t perform too well on Android. I bought a Cubietruck as a working PC for my son and I’m almost happy with it – but I hate the small breaks, lags and stuttering in several apps like in the “Maus” app. Another point I really dislike is the shortage of storage memory for apps and data. The major bottleneck is the small and very, very slow NAND memory of the Cubietrucks.
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